Data Analytics (Graduate Certificate)

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing fields in business organizations today. As companies collect more and more data from all manner of sources, managing and using it for competitive advantage has become increasingly important. It is critical that organizational data be leveraged to provide an accurate understanding of where the company has been, is now, and where it should head in the future. As a discipline, data analytics examines collecting and maintaining data, as well as the three-part understanding in using the data: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics includes four courses (12 hours).  Many of the courses rotate between in class and online sections; therefore it is possible to complete this certificate completely online. There are several paths to complete the certificate (for more information, see the Data Analytics Flyer):

  • Stand-alone program
  • Part of the Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
  • Part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

To complete the certificate in any of the three formats, students must apply for the program. For the completely stand-alone program, upon acceptance merely complete the four courses and receive the certificate. Should you choose to complete this as part of the MAcc or MBA, you may use data analytics courses as elective courses in the MAcc or MBA (all analytics courses are approved electives in both the MAcc and MBA programs).   For either path, the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics is a great credential to possess.

Complete the following two courses:
MIS 5380 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
MIS 5381 Data Mining and Applied Analytics

Choose two of the following courses:
MIS 5320 Critical Thinking and Experimental Design
MIS 5325 Predictive Analytics
MIS 5330 Prescriptive Analytics
MIS 6335 Python for Data Analytics
MIS 6365 Data Management

The following lists the current course schedules (** required course)
F2F: Face to Face course;   OL: Online course

  • MIS 5380 – Business Intelligence/Data Visualization** (Fall F2F, Summer OL)
  • MIS 5381 – Data Mining** (Spring F2F, Summer OL)
         (Summer online starts Summer 2020)
  • MIS 5320 – Critical Thinking (Fall OL)
  • MIS 5325 – Predictive Analytics (Spring OL)
  • MIS 5330 – Prescriptive Analytics (Fall OL)
  • MIS 6335 – Python for Data Analytics (Spring F2F)
  • MIS 6365 – Data Management (Fall F2F)
         (Starts Fall 2020)