Angela Barlow

Professor & Dean of the Graduate School

Torreyson West 328

(501) 450-3124

Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Auburn University, 2000
M.A.M., Applied Mathematics, Auburn University, 1998
M.Ed., Mathematics Education, Auburn University, 1992
B.S., Mathematics Education, Auburn University, 1991

Research Interests:
Supporting the instructional change process in elementary mathematics classrooms through professional development

Recent Publications: 
  • Barlow, A. T., Gaddy, A. K., & Baxter, W. A. (2017). Using video as a stimulus to reveal elementary teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. Issues in Teacher Education, 26(1), 17–34.
  • Strayer, J. F., Barlow, A. T., Lischka, A. E., Gerstenschlager, N. E., Stephens, D. C., Willingham, J. C., & Hartland, K. S. (2017). Meeting the needs expressed by teachers: Adaptations of the traditional model for demonstration lessons. NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 18(1), 18–26.
  • Barlow, A. T., Huang, R., Law, H-Y, Chan, Y. C., Zhang, Q., Baxter, W. A., & Gaddy, A. K. (2016). Hong Kong and U.S. teachers’ perceptions of mathematical disagreements and their resolution processes. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 4, 299–318.
  • Huang, R., Barlow, A. T., & Prince, K. M. (2016). The same tasks, different learning opportunities: An analysis of two exemplary lessons in China and the U.S. from a perspective of variation. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 41, 141–158.
  • Barlow, A. T., Duncan, M. D., Lischka, A. E., Hartland, K. S., & Willingham, J. C. (2017). Are your students problem performers or problem solvers? Teaching Children Mathematics, 23, 550–558.
  • Barlow, A. T., Lischka, A., Willingham, J. C., & Hartland, K. (2016/2017). Backing up and moving forward in fractional understanding. Teaching Children Mathematics, 23, 284–291.
  • Barlow, A. T., Gerstenschlager, N. E., & Harmon, S. E. (2016). Learning from the unknown student. Teaching Children Mathematics, 23, 74–81.