Faculty Technical Reports


TR2013-1 “k-Sample t-Test Redux” by Patrick S. Carmack

TR2013-2 “Performance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Queuing Networks” by R.B. Lenin



TR2011-1 “Generalized CorrelatedCross-ValidationĀ (GCCV)” by Patrick S. Carmack


TR2009-1 “A New Class of Semiparametric Semivariogram and Nugget Estimators” by Patrick S. Carmack


TR2008-1 “Mixing Enhancement by Optimal Flow Advection” by Weijiu Liu

TR2008-2 “Controlling the motion of charged particles in a vacuum electromagenetic field from the boundary” by Luis R. Suazo and Weijiu Liu


TR2007-1 “Mathematical Determination of Competitive Feedback Inhibition Rates in Branched Metabolic Pathways” by Luis Jimenez, Christopher Pickens, and Weijiu Liu, Department of Mathematics, University of Central Arkansas.

TR2007-2 “Symmetry analysis of the two dimensional diffusion equation with a source term” by Daniel J. Arrigo, Luis R. Suazo and Olabode M. Sule, Department of Mathematics, University of Central Arkansas.

TR2007-3 “A Theoretic Control Approach in Signal-controlled Metabolic Pathways” by Ramesh Garimella, Uma Garimella, and Weijiu Liu, Department of mathematics, University of Central Arkansas.

TR2007-4 “Optimal Linear Projections For Enhancing Desired Data Statistics” by Evgenia Rubinshtein & Anuj Srivastava


TR2006-1 “A solution of an operator equation related to the KdV equation” by Ramesh V. Garimella, Volodymyr Hrynkiv, and A.R. Sourour

TR2006-2 “Closed-Loop Separation Control: An Analytic Approach” by M.R. Alum, W. Liu, and G. Haller