Important Dates and Info for Summer/Fall 2015

If you are seeking licensure through the MAT program, you may add the Computer Science option to your program as a second concentration area based on your ability to pass the Praxis content exam.  Furthermore, a test taker who passes the Praxis™ Computer Science (5651) assessment for an Arkansas educator license in Computer Science may be eligible for a one-time assessment fee reimbursement by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). Reimbursements are processed on an as-received basis and are subject to funding availability. The ADE reserves the right to deny reimbursement due to lack of funding secured for this purpose. To be eligible for the assessment fee reimbursement, a test taker must:

o  Achieve a passing score of 171 or higher on the required Praxis™ Computer Science (5651),

o Successfully complete educator licensure requirements for Computer Science, and

o Submit the Computer Science Praxis Reimbursement Request Form with the following required documents:

  •  A copy of the Official Score Report provided by Educational Test Service (ETS) for the Praxis™ Computer Science (5651),
  • Payment confirmation from ETS, and
  • A completed W-9 form to include name, home address, Social Security Number, signature, and date.

The ADE must receive reimbursement requests within 12 months of a passing test score date.

Please refer to for reimbursement questions. For information on the ADE’s Computer Science licensure program, please visit Computer Science Communications:

  •  middle level praxis chart – Please review this if you are a middle level licensure candidate for the most up to date Praxis II information.
  • Summer and Fall ’15 Advising Screencast and Quiz Links below:


PowerPoint: MAT-Advising-Summer_Fall-2015