Journals can be found in both the online and print collections. To find a specific journal use the tools below:

Publication Finder

Use the tool below to find journals online.

  • Type the title of a specific journal in the search box.
  • Click a database link under the “Full-text Access” heading
    • Journals may be found in multiple databases
    • Take note of the years of coverage listed to the side of the database name. Some databases may have a content delay.
  • Once you are in the database, locate the volume, issue and date of the journal you want to open the digital table of contents

Library Catalog

To find journals in print, search the library catalog using Journal Search.

  • Type the name of a specific journal in the box to see the library’s holdings.
  • Click on the title of the journal to see the library’s years of coverage and journal location and call number.
    • Most journals will be found in the Bound Periodicals section on the second floor of the library.
  • If you need help with finding print journals call the Reference Desk at 501-450-5224 or contact us using the Ask A Librarian service.

What are Journals?

  • Journals are publications containing selected articles about a certain topic, academic discipline, or field of study. They may be completely print-based, completely online, or most often a combination of both.
  • Journals are sometimes referred to as periodicals or serials because they are published multiple times a year on a set schedule (i.e. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc)
  • Academic journals are often referred to as scholarly or peer-reviewed due to the rigorous process of review and revision that articles undergo before they are published.
    • Articles are reviewed by experts in the discipline or field of study that the journal is created for.
    • To find out if a journal is peer-reviewed, look it up in Publication Finder and click on the title for details.