Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools allow you collect all of your research in one place and create your own, personal database of references. Their primary function is to aid you in creating citations and bibliographies as you write. Below is a selection of popular citation management tools.


Reasons to Choose Zotero:

  • You want a user-friendly tool
  • You have diverse research content (PDFs, websites, streaming videos, etc.)

Benefits of Zotero:

  • Add items from your browser to your library with one click
  • Easily to organize research into collections
  • Collaborate with peers through group collections
  • Works in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari


Reasons to choose Mendeley:

  • You work in a scientific field where research is updated quickly
  • Your research content is primarily in PDF form

Benefits of Mendeley:

  • Allows for annotation and highlighting of PDFs in the Mendeley viewer
  • Import and organize PDFs from your computer, EndNote or Zotero
  • Access your library from the web or on mobile devices
  • Network with other academics and discover papers through your feed


Reasons to choose EndNote:

  • You want a reference manager that is less likely to undergo major changes
  • You primarily cite content from the UCA Library’s databases

Benefits of EndNote

  • Easily export citations from the many of the library’s databases
  • Microsoft plug-in allows you to quickly add references and format citations while you write