Major Mentors Program

Program Details

The College of Liberal Arts Major Mentors Program provides an opportunity to improve your academic performance, develop more effective study strategies, to mentor or be mentored by other students within your academic program.  Your assigned mentor will help you navigate the courses required for your major, and learn more about what your major can lead to after college.

Peer-mentoring develops confidence, fosters a sense of community within schools and allows participants to develop transferable skills and enhance their employability.

Mentoring will be conducted through face-to-face meetings, and mentors will be provided with training and resources to enable a successful and meaningful mentoring relationship.


Program by Department

Want to request a mentor with the History, Political Science or Philosophy and Religion Department? Please fill out the application below.

Mentee Application for the CLA Major Mentors Program

  • Spring 2019

*Interested in a mentor from another CLA Department not listed above? Please email Dr. Peter Mehl at 

*If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact your department chair.