Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

The College of Liberal Arts

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

BA Degree Program (120 hours)

This new program opens up two opportunities for study not currently available to students at UCA.

The first option consists of an interdisciplinary focus structured by minor programs.  Students may choose Asian Studies, Chinese, Gender Studies, German, Latin American and Latino Studies, or Southern and Arkansas Studies as a concentration.

The second option allows a student  a unique opportunity  to develop a specialized interdisciplinary area of study in conjunction with a faculty mentor.

Admission Requirements

• Each student must have completed a minimum of 30 hours with a gpa of 3.

• Each student must have an interview with the Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, who serves as the coordinator of interdisciplinary liberal studies, and who will judge the student’s capability and readiness for interdisciplinary study in the program.

• Each student who opts to design a major must submit a proposal outlining his/her course of study.

• Each course of study must involve at least three disciplines/programs of study, and at least two must be in the College of Liberal Arts.

• The Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Committee must approve the proposal.

• Each student must identify a faculty advisor who agrees to work with the student.

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies BA degree:

120 hours

Completion of the General Education Program:

47 hours

Completion of the BA Language Requirements:

3-9 hours

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Foundation Courses:

21 hours

All students regardless of focus take the ILS foundation. One course from each area listed. If needed, other courses might be substituted with advisor’s consent.

Foundation Courses (21 hours)

• Geography:  GEOG 3380, Geography of Arkansas, or GEOG 4390, Historical Geography of the US, or GEOG 3315, Geography of Latin America or GEOG 3345, Geography of China and East Asia.

• History: HIST 2320, Introduction to Historical Research

• Liberal Arts: ILS 3380, History and Principles of the Liberal Arts, [Core: I and R], offered on request.

• Literature and Language: ENGL 2312, American Literature I, or ENGL 2313, American Literature II, or ENGL 2316, English Literature I, or ENGL 2317, English Literature II, or ENGL 2318, English Literature III, or WLAN 2315, Cultural Studies, or WLAN 2325, Issues of Cultural Identity, or WLAN 2350, World Languages, (if WLAN course taken as general education then ENGL should be taken): or a 2320 or higher foreign language course

• Philosophy: PHIL 2310, Introduction to Logic

• Politics: Either PSCI 2300, Introductions to International Relations (if not taken as a general education course) or PSCI 2320, Introduction to Comparative Politics

• Society and Culture: SOC 2325, Social Problems or SOC 2630, Self and Society, or ANTH 2300, Peoples and Cultures, or RELG 2300, Religion in America

Upper-Division Elective Courses for Focus:

27-30 hours

All courses should be upper-division courses, selected in consultation with the faculty advisor, to insure that 40 upper-division hours are achieved.

Capstone Course [CORE: Z]

All students in the program must complete a senior-year independent study with their faculty advisor in which they produce a final paper or project that synthesizes their course of study.  ILS 4380.

Minor and/or additional electives;

18-24 hours

(As many as possible should be upper-division courses to insure that 40 upper-division hours are achieved.)

ILS Checksheet 2015

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Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies BA Degree Program

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