EDGE Residential College

EDGE (Educating for Diversity and Global Engagement) Residential College in Hughes Hall: A New Living/Learning Community at UCA!

In partnership with the College of Liberal Arts, State Residential College has been transformed into EDGE Residential College in Hughes Hall. EDGE Residential College is a living/learning community focused on liberal arts disciples and the EDGE plan for students in the College of Liberal Arts.  While a full range of general education courses are taught in  EDGE Residential College, the special thematic focus of the College is  the EDGE theme of active global learning, civic engagement and study abroad.

The purpose of EDGE Residential College is to develop a living/learning community for students and faculty with a shared interest in liberal arts, global education and civic engagement.  If you are interested in a Liberal Arts major or minor, EDGE Residential College is for you!

If you continue with a CLA major, you will have opportunities for internships and undergraduate research projects with faculty in your junior and senior years.

EDGE Residential College offers you distinct learning opportunities in these three areas.

  • Special General Education courses with a global emphasis.
  • Opportunities to participate in community service activities, often connected to classes.
  • Special early opportunities to sign up for CLA short-term study abroad summer experiences.

In addition, students can apply to the College of Liberal Arts for funding to support EDGE related activities and projects.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the EDGE residential college experience.

Peter J. Mehl,
Rector, EDGE Residential College in Hughes Hall
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts