Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to our CLA Website.  I am pleased that you have taken the time to look at the many opportunities open to students who major in the liberal arts.  Above you can find links to our departments, majors and minors, and other important information for you as a student at the University of Central Arkansas.  We have a dedicated faculty and staff eager to assist you with any questions and concerns you might have.  Many of your questions will be answered on these webpages.  If not, please contact my office or the appropriate department chair.

Many employers consider liberal arts study the best preparation for a professional career.  This is because the liberal arts emphasize broad knowledge, intellectual skills and personal and social responsibility.  In the College of Liberal Arts we strengthen this by emphasizing a diverse and global curriculum and real-world learning activities, such as:  study abroad experiences, internships, undergraduate research projects, and service-learning courses.  We call this our EDGE Plan.  Couple this with critical writing and thinking skills so basic to all of our courses, and we graduate students who begin careers in many professional fields or proceed to graduate school.  If students want to advance their education here, we offer graduate programs in History, English and Spanish.  Our faculty are ready and willing to assist you with these decisions and provide you with input necessary for you to make an informed decision about your course of study.

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to global learning and hands-on academic experiences, to making a positive difference in society, and to excellence in the educational enterprise.  Join us in pursuing a valuable liberal arts education.

Tom Williams,