Bachelor of General Studies

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce that a Bachelor of General Studies is now being offered. This degree is configured as a completion degree; to declare this degree a student must have completed the lower division Core and at least 60 hours. Appropriate for students who want a broad course of study, the degree requires a student to focus in two or three broad concentrations of 12 or 18 hours each. These concentrations are: education, health science, humanities, social sciences, global studies and American studies. The student must complete 36 hours within the concentrations, with the remaining degree hours (24 of 60 total) to include elective chosen by the student.  In the future more courses will be delivered online, so this degree can be completed as a fully online degree. This fall the following courses in the Social Sciences concentration will be offered online:
GEOG 3305, Economic Geography
HIST 3427, The American West (second half of the semester)
PSCI 4313, Contemporary Issues in American Politics
There are also a number of courses for the Health Science concentration being offered online this fall. As well, a humanities course, PHIL 4350, Health Care Ethics, is an online course.

Interested students should contact an Academic Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts. These advisors are Cheryl Theall and Jessica Remetic.

For more information and a degree checksheet see: