Associate of Arts Degree in General Education

To continue the UCA commitment to provide programs that meet the needs of the community, this Associate of Arts degree program in General Education is designed to provide recognition for academic achievement and meet the personal interests of students. The credits earned toward the AA can also be applied to a baccalaureate degree.

The Associate of Arts Degree:

  • Validates the  importance of the general education curriculum.
  • Supports the  role of the adult who needs recognition for degree completion prior to the baccalaureate degree.
  • Goal completion: Personally and professionally,  this degree indicates that you are someone who sets and accomplishes goals.
  • Provides academic recognition for employees as they are promoted by employers.
  • Resume appeal: If you are a traditional student,  this degree may enhance your job prospects.
  • Job promotion: Employers often use educational attainment as a criterion for career advancement.
  • Is attractive to  the individual who has been at home for several years before returning to college to complete personal goals.
  • May be useful to those who wish to do substitute teaching. Many public schools require at  least the associate degree for those individuals who substitute teach.

The Associate of Arts degree requires completion of the general education program ( 38 hours beginning with fall 2013) and additional hours of electives for a total of 60 college credits to complete the degree.  

Associate of Arts Degree checksheet 2017-2018


To learn more about the Associate of Arts Degree, please contact:

Jessica Remetic
Harrin 114, 450-5133

Cheryl Theall
Harrin 116B.  852-0960



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