service learningWe offer a broad range of classes in six departments and an experience that includes top professors, a vibrant community of students and hands-on experience outside the classroom.

Faculty and Staff

Through teaching, advising, scholarly or creative endeavors and community and professional service, our faculty members are committed to extending their own knowledge, the knowledge of their students and the knowledge of other members of the larger community.  By exploring and freely exchanging ideas, members of the college advance the understanding of different disciplines, cultures and viewpoints.

What are the Liberal Arts?

A liberal arts degree ensures broad knowledge, develops the arts of inquiry and cultivates social and personal responsibility through engaged learning both inside and outside the classroom.

At UCA’s College of Liberal Arts, you can study anthropology, African/American studiesAsian studiescriminologyEnglish, French, German, gender studies, historyinternational studiesLatin American and Latino studies, linguistics, philosophypolitical sciencepublic administrationreligious studiessocial studies educationsociologySouthern and Arkansas studies and Spanish.  Advanced graduate study is also offered in Englishhistory, and Spanish.