BEAR Talks

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The BEAR Talks Workshop Series, sponsored by the Center for Leadership Development offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership by attending the workshops on a topic they find intriguing.

Our sessions are based on a diverse group of topics and literature. You can find a list of topics, dates, and locations listed below. Dates and locations are final but specific topic dates are still subject to change. 

BEAR Talks Schedule:


Fall 2021

  • October 14th (Thursday at 6:00pm @ UCA Downtown)

Spring 2022

  • February 8th (Tuesday x-period (1:40-2:30) Room 223/224 Student Center)
    • Speaker: Charlotte Strickland Topic: Leadership – Critical Thinking as you Grow Yourself and Others!
  • March 10th (Thursday at 6:00pm @ UCA Downtown)
    • Speaker: Dr. Leslie Wade Zorwick Topic: Developing Inclusive Communities and Better Leaders Through Perspective Taking
  • April 4th (Monday @ noon Room 223/224 Student Center)

Fall 2017

  • September 27th (Wednesday 5:00pm: Room 215 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER: Jenna Schmidt  TOPIC: Leadership: What’s Your Story?
  • October 12th (Thursday X-Period: Room 214 Student Center)
    • SPEAKER: Wendy Holbrook  TOPIC: Allyship: Supporting Students, Faculty and Staff of Color.
  • December 4th (Monday 5:00pm Room 215 Student Center)
    • SPEAKER: Sarah Hocott TOPIC: Servitude Leadership

Spring 2018

  • February 27th  (Tuesday X-Period: Room 213 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER’S: Gunnar Bullard and Alex Cottrell
    • TOPIC: “LEADERSHIP: The Secret No One Told You”
  • March 7th  (Wednesday 5:00pm: Room 223/224 Student Center) – ROTC
    • SPEAKER: Brigadier General Gregrey Bacon
    • TOPIC: “Leadership in the Military”
  • April 12th  (Thursday X-Period: Room 213 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER: Mary Condit

TOPIC: “Vulnerable Leadership”

Fall 2018

  • September 25th (Tuesday X-Period: Room 223/224 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER: Jenny Davis
    • TOPIC: “Leadership Lessons”
  • October 29th (Monday 5:00pm Room 223/224 Student Center)
    • SPEAKER: Steven Shook
    • TOPIC: “Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Guide to Positive Leadership Within Your Heart”
  • November 27th (Tuesday X-Period: Room 223/224 Student Center)
    • SPEAKER:  Drew Spurgers                             
    • TOPIC: “Leading from the Heart”

Spring 2019

  • March 26th  (Tuesday X-Period: Room 223/224 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER: Caroline Peek and Marco Ramirez 
    • TOPIC: “Toxic Communication”
  • April 25th  (Thursday X-Period Room 213 Student Center) 
    • SPEAKER: Alex Cottrell and Kyle Mullins 
    • TOPIC: “Leadership in Business”