UCA Board of Trustees Computer Use

University of Central Arkansas, Board of Trustees
Policy 412 – Computer Use
Date Adopted: 05/99
Revised: 08/13

The university provides an opportunity for students and other members of the university community to enhance educational experiences and expand academic knowledge by making available access to computer facilities and resources, including the Internet, e-mail, and the World Wide Web. Thus, technology places a significant amount of power and information in the hands of its users that carries an equal amount of responsibility. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted to define responsible and ethical behavior relating to use of computing facilities and resources at the university. The policy is applicable to all university faculty, staff, and students. As users of these resources, all faculty, staff and students are responsible for reading and understanding the policy.

To view the entire policy, please visit http://uca.edu/board/files/2010/11/412.pdf.

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