Tegrity Summer 2016 Update

Tegrity’s update on July 17, 2016, includes the following features.

Pure H.264 Recording, Webcasting & Playback

Install the latest version of the Tegrity recorder for the following features:

  • Direct MP4 outputs when recording on PCs
  • No dependency on outside plugins
  • Higher quality defaults
  • Shorter recording-to-availability cycle for all supported browsers
  • Considerable work on HDMI Video and sound inputs

Mobile Enhancements

  • Mobile viewing of webcasting
  • Player refinements


  • Economical automatic captioning (voice-to-text) option: A lower cost captioning option
  • Enhanced captioning workflow and management (for select vendor APIs)
  • Course-level approval for captioning (once per course)
  • Administrator notification of pending requests

Deep LMS Integration for Canvas & Brightspace

  • LMS deep integration (workflow) for adding direct to recording links
  • Recorder Launch from within the LMS
  • Launch Reports from within the LMS
  • Asset embeds in LMSes using a minimal player

Learning Enhancements

  • Instructor and student bookmarks index tab – immediately access and launch into bookmarks for a course

Reporting & Analytics

  • Reporting performance optimization
  • User IDs in reports

Enhanced Administration

  • New services for administers to archive & purge and instructors to manage downloads