Network Printing

iPrint allows users to install printers, along with their associated drivers, from a web browser and to submit print jobs over the Internet or on our local network through the standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). The user simply needs a small program installed on their computer called the iPrint client. If the client is not installed, the iPrint system will install the client prior to installing the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do in this environment?
Currently, only qualified technicians from the IT Department can install an iPrint printer. This means that, as a user, you are restricted to simply using a printer that is setup.

How can I tell if the iPrint client is loaded?
The iPrint client has an icon located in the system tray of your Taskbar. The system tray is located directly to the left of the clock. The icon is of a printer with a red colored lowercase letter  in front of it. Moving your mouse over the icon should display the tooltip text Novell iPrint Client. If this icon is present, more than likely the iPrint Client is loaded.

For those users familiar with the Windows XP operating system, the client can be checked by opening up the Task List and looking for the following processes:

  • iprntclt.exe
  • iprntlgn.exe

NOTE: There are no associated services for the iPrint Client.

I do not see an iPrint Client icon in my system tray. What could be the problem?
The most common cause would be that the iPrint client is not installed. We are slowly implementing the new iPrint environment. As new network printers/copiers are purchased, they are setup to use the network as an iPrint device. Your office may not have an associated network printer/copier yet. If this is the case, there is no need to install the client.

If you know you have an iPrint printer, and the client had worked before, place a call to the IT Helpdesk, 450-3107. A technician will be sent to check your client install.

How do I know if I have an iPrint printer installed?
When checking your installed printers (START >> Settings >> Printers and Faxes) you will see all the installed printers on your computer. Most printers are simply listed as the printer type, i.e. HP Color LaserJet 3600. An iPrint printer is listed as the iPrint name followed by ipp://, i.e. BBA101-HP2330 on ipp://

Can I change my installed iPrint printer driver?
No. iPrint printers are defined with an assigned driver which is delivered when the printer is installed. Although you can change the driver (Printer Properties >> Advanced >> New Driver), the next time you boot your computer the iPrint system will reinstall the assigned driver.