Tegrity: Installing the recorder (alternate method)

If you are having trouble installing the Tegrity recorder the traditional way, follow these steps to install it manually.


  • Check Windows Media Player installation is complete
    • Open Windows Media player, if you see directions to install, check Recommended and OK
    • If WMP opens it is installed and you may close it
  • Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features
  • If Tegrity is installed uninstall all installed components
  • Go back to Control Panel and type UAC in the search box top right
  • Click the link on the left “Change User Account Control settings” (UAC)
  • Move the slider down to “Never Notify” (note where the slider is for later)
  • Click OK and restart the machine to complete the process (required)
Tegrity Installation (download version):
  • Download this file:
  • Unzip the folder
  • Install both of the Microsoft Visual ++ files, any order
  • Install the rest of the files in the order below:
    1. TegInstaller.msi
    2. SetupUtil.msi
    3. Setup.msi
  • Log into your course and start a recording, record for at least 2 minutes
  • Monitor the upload to ensure it completes
  • Return UAC to its original setting, no restart required


  • Use the button below to download the installer.
Download TegrityRecorder.pkg from IST
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