Tegrity FAQ (for students)

See the following list of common questions about Tegrity.

General Questions

Troubleshooting Questions

TIP: To access all Tegrity help files for students, click here.

General Questions

How do I access Tegrity?

You can access Tegrity within Blackboard. Select the course from the Course List, and then click Tegrity Classes on the left. This will ensure you are logged into UCA’s version of Tegrity and not another institution’s.

How do I make a recording?

For general instructions on creating a recording, click here. To make sure your computer can create recordings, check Tegrity’s requirements.

How do I record a proctored test?

For instructions on recording a proctored test, click here.

How do I view recordings from an instructor?

For instructions on viewing recordings from your course’s instructor, click here.

How do I use Respondus LockDown Browser with Tegrity?

If you are using Respondus LockDown Browser with Tegrity Proctor, you will need to start Respondus after starting the Tegrity recording (this is after you have taken a picture of yourself with your BearCard, or another form of photo ID). When finished with the test, you can then close the Respondus LockDown Browser window which will then give you access to stop and upload the Tegrity recording from the control panel.

Troubleshooting Questions

How do I install the Tegrity Recorder on my computer?

In order to record a video using Tegrity, you must install the Tegrity Recorder. Click the Start a Recording button when logged into Tegrity; if you have not installed the Tegrity Recorder before, it will prompt you to do so before proceeding with the recording process.

I’m having problems installing the Tegrity recorder. What should I do?

If you are having problems installing the recorder, install it using the alternate method.

How do I know if my computer works correctly with Tegrity?

To determine if your computer will work correctly with Tegrity, you can run Tegrity diagnostics to test your computer.

My camera is not working with Tegrity. What should I do?

If you are having problems with your webcam while using it for Tegrity recordings, see this troubleshooting list from Tegrity.

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