myUCA: Managing your favorite tasks

After you log in to myUCA, you can add tasks to your Favorites list, which allows you to access frequently-used tasks faster. Your Favorites appear both on the top of the Home page and on the Favorites page.

To manage your Favorites, you must first be logged into myUCA. To log in to myUCA, go to and click Log in. Enter your username and password, and then click Log in.

Adding a task as a favorite

  • To add a task as a favorite, click the task box’s star. The star will fill in with purple when added as a favorite.
  • favorited_task

    Arranging your Favorites

    1. Click Favorites in the top menu.
    2. Click and drag a task to where you’d like the task to go in the Favorites grid. When you release the mouse, the task will snap to the grid.


    Removing a task as a favorite

    • To remove a task from your favorites, click the task box’s star. The task is successfully removed from Favorites when the star is no longer filled in.


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