Google Calendar: Creating appointment slots

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One especially helpful feature of Google Calendar is creating appointment slots. These can be useful for staff who want to set up flexible time blocks for one-on-one meetings with colleagues, or for faculty who wish to set up office hours available for students. To use appointment slots on your calendar, follow these steps.

  1. Access Google Calendar, and begin by setting your calendar to either day or week view.
  2. Click and drag on the date and time you wish to make available for appointments. In the window that appears, click Appointment slots.
  3. Enter a name for this block of time (for example, Office Hours). Then, choose whether this time span is set aside for one appointment slot or several. If you choose the latter option, enter the desired length of time in minutes for each slot. Then click Edit details.
  4. Like any other event, you can add any extra details if desired, such as a location, a description, any other additional attendees for every slot in the block, or a room if applicable. When finished entering details, click Save. If you have added additional attendees besides yourself, you will be asked if you’d like to send email invitations. Now you’ve successfully created appointment slots, denoted by the grid icon in the upper-left corner of the time block you just created.
  5. To share your appointment page with others, click the appointment time block and then click Edit details.
  6. On the details page, you will see a long web address that points to your calendar’s appointment page. Copy this web address, paste it into a new email, and send it to anyone who might need to make an appointment with you.

When a colleague or student opens this link to your calendar’s appointment page, they can see your available appointment slots, as well as their own calendar. Here, they can choose a slot that fits their schedule. To reserve a slot and make an appointment, your colleague or student can simply click an available slot, and then click Save. Now that slot is reserved, it is unavailable to anyone else, and you will receive a notification that this slot has been reserved. If necessary, the attendee can always cancel by clicking the event on their own calendar, and then click Cancel appointment.

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