Using Respondus LockDown Browser for assessments

Follow the steps below to use Respondus LockDown Browser for an assessment (quiz, text, exam, etc.)

If using Respondus LockDown Browser with Tegrity Proctor, you will need to start Respondus after starting the Tegrity recording (this is after you have taken a picture of yourself with your UCA or other form of photo ID). When finished with the test, you can then close the Respondus LockDown Browser window, which will then give you access to stop and upload the Tegrity recording from the Control Panel.

  1. Before opening Respondus LockDown Browser, close any open programs.
  2. NOTE: If you are using a Dell computer and you are instructed to close the Dell Dock before using the LockDown Browser, this is a floating toolbar that allows you to organize your icons on your computer desktop. If you will right-click on the toolbar, not an icon, but the bar itself, you can choose Close the Dell Dock. You can then open the LockDown Browser and take your assessment.
  3. Windows: From the Start menu, click to expand the folder Respondus. Then click Respondus LockDown Browser to open it.
    Mac: Launch LockDown Browser from the Applications folder.
  4. Upon starting, the browser will go to Blackboard login page for UCA. A warning message may appear indicating that one or more applications must first be exited; the browser will offer to close the applications for you. Log in with your UCA username and password.
  5. Go to the desired course, and then navigate to and select the assessment.
  6. Click the button Begin. If this assessment requires Respondus, this button will be disabled if you are using any browser other than Respondus LockDown Browser. Once you start the assessment, you will be unable to exit the assessment until you click Finish.
  7. When finished with the assessment, you can close the Respondus LockDown Browser window. Once you close out of the browser, you open another browser to stop and upload the Tegrity recording from the control panel.
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