Registering a wireless device with IT

Some wireless devices such as gaming consoles, wireless printers, Smart TVs, and streaming devices (Apple TV, etc.), cannot login directly to UCA’s wireless network using MyUCA’s username and password. For these devices, you will need to complete the Wireless Device Registration form to register the device with the wireless network.

NOTE: This form is not for standard wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. To connect these devices to the wireless network manually, follow the steps in the article Connecting to UCA’s wireless network.
  1. Access the Wireless Device Registration Form.
  2. Complete each field in the form:
    • Name
    • I am… – Choose whether you are a UCA student, faculty/staff member, or a guest.
    • UCA ID Number – If you are a UCA student or faculty/staff member, this is the nine-digit number is listed on your BearCard.
    • Email – Enter your email (ending with for students, or  for faculty/staff) **Confirmation will ONLY be sent to UCA issued email accounts**
    • Phone
    • Location – Choose your campus building location from the drop-down list.
    • Room Number
    • Device Manufacturer/Brand
    • Description of Device
    • Wireless MAC Address of Device – The MAC address (also called the “wireless address” or the “WiFi address”) is often listed in your device’s settings menu. For help in finding your device’s MAC address, call the IT Help Desk, or refer to your device manufacturer’s support website.
    • Date – Enter today’s date.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. It may take up to two or three days to process the information and register your device. IT will notify you by email when your device is registered.
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