Creating an instructor page in Blackboard

  1. Within your Blackboard course, go to Course Tools menu (click Course Tools to expand it). Then click Contacts.
  2. Click Create Contact.
  3. Complete the fields for Title, First Name, Last Name, Email, Work Phone, and Office Location. If desired, add Office Hours or Notes.
  4. For the Make the Profile Available option, select Yes.
  5. To upload a photo, click Browse, find and click the picture you want, and then click Open. It’s best if the picture is 150 x 150 px.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. To add the profile to the course menu, roll your cursor over the + button (above the course menu), and then click Tool Link.
  8. Enter a Name. For the type, choose Contacts. Select the check box Available to Users. Then click Submit.
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