Account Creation Rules

You account name can contain up to 15 characters. It will provide you access to the UCA Network, Banner and your email address. Granting of requested account name is based on availability, format, and technical restrictions. When creating your account name, do not enter “”.

Account Names will generally be assigned according to the following format if the name is available: First initial followed by last name or first name followed by last initial. Accounts will not be named with only the first or last name of an individual.

If you do not request a specific account name, one will be created for you.  Account names can not be changed once created except for legal reasons (marriage, divorce, etc.). If you need to request an account name change, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 501-450-3107.

Individual account names will reflect the actual name of the individual, though common shorted versions are allowed (i.e. Bob for Robert, Debbie for Deborah, etc). Departmental names (email aliases) will reflect the name and/or function of the department. Generic names may not be used. For example, would not be an appropriate selection.