Online Forms / Requests

International Travel

Device Loan Request for International Travel

Employees are prohibited from taking personally assigned, UCA­-owned devices on international trips. Use this form to loan a computer or device for any international travel.

Instructional Technology

Request a Blackboard Course Crosslisting

Use this form to request courses to be crosslisted within Blackboard.


Request Generic Accounts for Computers

When non-UCA users need access to campus computers for special events, use this form to request generic guest accounts for these users.

Request Student Employee Account Access

Use this form to request wireless access for student employees, both graduate assistants and student workers. Access can include a departmental pool drive access.

Request a Guest Account

Use this form to request guest access accounts for individuals who are not employees or students at UCA, but who require temporary access to perform a function or service for the university. All requests must be approved by the department head.

Request a New Email Account for an Entity

Use this form to request an email account for a department, program, or unique campus function (rather than for a person).

Remove an Account

Human Resources notifies IST about departing employees so that IST can automatically remove the employee’s account. If IST needs to remove the account more quickly than the standard process, use this form to make that request. This could also apply to email-only accounts.

UCA Employee Accounts

Account names for UCA employees are automatically generated; therefore, supervisors no longer need to request accounts for new employees. New employees should contact the IST Help Desk to obtain their account information. The employee must have a UCA ID number already assigned; once the new employee confirms their identity, the Help Desk will release their account information.


Request an Adjunct Laptop

Use this form to request a laptop for an adjunct instructor.

Install a New Data Line

Use this form to arrange to have a network data line installed where none exists now.

Request a Static IP Address

Use this form to provide IST with the information required to assign a static IP address for a networked device.

Register a Wireless Device

Use this form to register a wireless device that has no ability to register manually. Some examples include wireless printers, Smart TVs, or gaming consoles. This is not for standard wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Room Reservations

Reserve all rooms via Virtual EMS. For any questions on this process, contact the centralized scheduling administrator.