“Leaders of The World” International Leadership Program


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Leaders of the World UCA:    April 8th, 9th, & 10th 2015
Leaders of the World Brazil: Summer 2016

Program Brochure (English)

Program Brochure (Spanish)

About the Leaders of the World Program 

u1cVUMNwq4upfRIHN8jmOpjpP38yHuOfBDt5sYs7t2Y,ixKmQIA8e5GRz2-Tz3ivcqoJI5vIxp6CmQLxgybQ6NkUCA’s Leaders of the World program is a unique venue for top leaders to meet and discuss common challenges within their municipalities and communities. With more than 100 years of experience, UCA provides the perfect location to develop network connections and gain knowledge. Experts will address Leadership and Ethics of Modern Leaders, Effective Communication, Teamwork and Effective Management and Planning.

Through panel discussions, lectures, workshops and on-site training, leaders across the globe will develop long-term relationships as well as new skill sets.

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Learn and Connect

oJdK0AG9Q8xr8jDJbXRsyiZB31S5kmt-exKOXUAlu1c,uPtDhsN-deywT6aw9_xZcHA6h1gfP5iBRAYY-P9tjKIUCA provides a unique environment for learning and networking with site visits, roundtable discussions, and questions and answer sessions with experts.

See what Arkansas and other world regions do best, and how we learn and grow from experience.  The program includes visits to public and private institutions, roundtable and panel discussions, lectures and dialogue with regional political leaders and local officials. You can share your own experiences and interact with leaders from cities and towns near and far. Local, national, and international leaders; public and political officials; educators, and advisers will find that this program addresses their needs regarding the top challenges faced in their regions.

The University of Central Arkansas will provide a “Certificate of Completion” to all participants who complete the Leaders of the World program week in Arkansas.

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For whom is the program designed?

Public Officials, politicians, legislators, presidents and business executives of public service, government advisers, teachers and university officials, judges and judicial officers, public policy specialists.

Topics of the Working Sessions

PbeqmiU23_X0wzvyYwsZx1euQCOlGXNsejfSeWwVPrUOpening Sessions: Lectures and panel discussions with local and international experts in the following fields:

  • Teamwork
  • Effective Management and Planning
  • Leadership and Ethics for the Modern Leader
  • Effective Communication

This interactive program provides hands-on learning and networking, and includes site visits and field work in the following topics:

  1.     Education
  2.     Public Utilities, Transportation & Environment
  3.     Local Law and Justice
  4.     Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Economic Development
  5.     Public Safety & Municipal Police

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Presentations and Tours with bilingual support

The program language is English, however our team of specialists and University staff will provide multilingual support.


To be part of the leaders program, you need a letter of invitation. Please send an email or call our program contacts in the US or Latin America:

Lara Bersano Calot
International Relations and Partnerships
Specialist Latin America
TEL: In Buenos Aires dial
54 9 11 4069 7571001
In US (501) 450-3387 Tel