Information for Exchange Students from Partner Schools

For a semester exchange placement, students must be nominated by their home university.

Application Deadlines:  Fall (August to December) – April 15,  Spring  (January to May) – October 15.

1. Application for International Admission 

Application link will be emailed to you after your nomination has been accepted by our office.

2. Copy of the biographical page of your passport

As you will be required to have a passport to travel to the United States, and in order to ensure accuracy in issuance of your immigration documentation, a copy of this document is required.

3. Proof of Financial Support

U.S. Immigration Law requires that all J-1 students demonstrate sufficient funds available for their educational expenses prior to immigration document issuance (Form DS-2019). International students who reside on campus are eligible for the out-of-state tuition waiver.  You may find a detailed description of the estimated costs here: Cost of Attendance.

  • Exchange students must provide:
    1. Documentation of Financial Resources. Bank statement from within last six months that shows ending balance of $5,020 for one semester of study.
    2. Sponsorship Letter

4. Proof of English Language Proficiency

Please take a look at this page for minimum requirements of English language proficiency and submit your test results at the time of your application.

5. Letter of Reference

This letter must be issued from your current university’s International Office recommending you for an exchange semester at UCA. The letter must include the number of semesters you will study at UCA and a statement that you are proficient in academic English.

6. Letter of Course Approval (Course Request Form)

This form must be completed with your current Academic Adviser. We want you to take classes that ensure your academic progress towards a degree or program completion.

7. Academic Records

UCA requires copies of all transcripts (with English translation) from previous colleges and universities. You can upload a copy of your transcript on the application portal.

Note to All Applicants

UCA does not tolerate forged documentation; applications submitted with such documentation will be denied.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact