UCA has been selected, once again, to host Argentine visiting university students in 2018 as part of the ‘Friends of Fulbright’ program, which is a Department of State supported program and sponsored by the Fulbright Commission, the private sector, and Embassy of the US in Argentina.

The goal of the program is to send Argentine undergraduate students in their third or fourth year of university to higher education institutes that represent the diversity of U.S. educational systems for five to seven-week programs during spring and summer terms.

15 students are selected for the Spring 2017 semester. They are majoring in English teacher (3), Biology (2), Education, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Social Communication, Audiovisual Communication, Computer Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Renewable Resource Management. The students will be in residence on campus between January 14 and March 3, 2017. They will earn 3 English Language credit hours at the University of Central Arkansas Intensive English Program while participating in cultural activities on campus and in the community.