Employee Conduct

Staff Handbook Section 8.0

The University of Central Arkansas has documented policies that address many areas of conduct. These areas include, but are not limited to, dress and appearance, political activities, relationships, computer and equipment use, etc. These policies can be located in the Staff Handbook section 8.0 for more information.

Employee Misconduct Policy

Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, dishonesty, theft, assault and battery, communication of a threat to commit a battery, insubordination, excessive absences (as determined by the appropriate Vice president), violation of University policies or other conduct reflecting unfavorably upon the reputation of the University or disruption of University business.

In these cases, employment may be terminated immediately. Departments will seek review and approval through the appropriate Vice president and the Office of Human Resources, and may elect to use disciplinary suspension-without-pay as an intermediate step. In either case, the employee will receive formal written notice of the suspension or termination. See section 11.3 of Staff Handbook for more information.

Staff Grievance Policy

A grievance procedure is established to provide employees with a prompt review, impartial consideration and an equitable disposition of their grievances. Any employee who presents a grievance or complaint in good faith and in a reasonable manner shall be free from restraint, interference, discrimination or reprisal.

This procedure is intended to encourage employees to discuss problems with their supervisors, thereby providing a basis to talk over matters of mutual interest, to explain, to reach agreement, to make adjustments if necessary, and to foster better understanding between employees and supervisors. For more information, see Board Policy 521.

If a staff employee wishes to file a grievance, the appropriate forms are located under the Forms tab on the human resources website.