Move-In Day Tips

Some helpful tips for Move-In Day!

Start Organized
As you pack and load up to come, organize your belongings to make it easier to find what you need when you arrive.  Consider packing an “Open me first!” box with your essentials including toiletries, change of clothes, and night clothes.
Utilize a check list
To be prepared as possible, many stores will provide you with an excellent check list of what to pack.  We also have one listed under “Don’t forget to bring . . .” link.
Avoid the Rush
While the halls open at 9am, you can avoid the rush by coming at off peak times.  Typically mid-morning and mid afternoon tend to be less congested.
Utilize Your Resources
On move-in day, many offices on campus will be open during the day to assist you with your questions and needs.  Also, on move-in day various student groups from around campus come out to help you unload your car!  Don’t miss out on these opportunities for the UCA Community to help you out!
Come Prepared
When you come to check in, you will need some important pieces of information.  You will need a picture ID, emergency contact information, and many of our UCA residential communities will offer opportunities to purchase a T-shirt!!