Re-Application Information for Returning UCA Housing Residents

Ready, Set, Return!

The 2017-2018 UCA Housing Room Returner Application Process will begin in February.  If you plan on living on campus next year, check it out on myUCA.  Log in to myUCA, go to the myUCA tab and click on myHousing > Enter myHousing for more information!

STEP 1:  Agree to the Lease and Match with roommates!

NOTE: You must agree to the UCA Housing Lease in myHousing before you can match roommates or select a room.

All roommates involved need to log on to myUCA > myHousing > Enter myHousing and 1) Agree to the Housing Lease, 2) select each other as roommates and 3) confirm each other as roommates.
If you are a part of a Triple:
Decide which roommate will be paying for the private room first.
The roommates in the double room should "match" on myUCA > myHousing and then select the third person as their additional roommate.
If you are a group of Four:
Decide what pairs are going to room together.  Match the pairs first and then pull in the other two people as roommates.  The first person you "match" with will be your roommate in the same bedroom.  The next two will be your suite mates.  All four people should show that there are three "matches" on myUCA > myHousing.


STEP 2: Pick YOUR ROOM on myUCA > myHousing!


SCHEDULE Coming Soon!

 - Freshmen Hall returner process on OrgSync

 - Same room, same bed process (squatting)

*Roommate Matching will be turned "OFF" during the SAME Room Reservation Process*

 - Fill a room or apartment process

 - General Process (first come, first served on remaining available open rooms)


Log on to myUCA
Click on the myUCA tab
Click on myHousing
Enter myHousing (not myApply, myApply is for "new to UCA Housing" first-time applicants)
Utilize the left menu in myHousing to navigate the site to:
1. First, agree to the Housing Lease.
2.  Select and match roommates (if applicable).
3.  View and select your preferred room.
4.  Pick a meal plan.

STEP 3:  Eat!

Log on to myUCA > myHousing to select your meal plan for 2017-2018.  You must set your meal plan prior to move-in day in August 2017.

STEP 4:  Live!

Move-In Day is August 13, 2017

NOTE:  The last date to cancel your housing reservation and still receive your $100 deposit back is May 10.  You must cancel in writing to the Housing Office at

If you have any questions about returning to Housing for the 2017-2018 academic year, please contact Housing and Residence Life at or 501-450-3132.  Follow us on Twitter - @UCAHousing.