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Welcome to the UCA Housing and Residence Life Parents’ Pages!

We hope to provide you with many valuable resources that will help you and help your student. This may be a trying and confusing time for both parents and students, so this site has been developed to make the college transition a little easier on everyone!

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Going off to college is a milestone in a student’s life. Many people forget that it’s a milestone for parents as well. If this is your first student to leave home for college, this event is even more important, and perhaps even anxiety-ridden.

When your student leaves for college, you know his or her life will change, but do you realize yours will as well? You are probably asking yourself many questions right now: Will my student be homesick? Make friends? Succeed academically? Will my student change because of this experience? The truth is your student’s life will change and so will yours. There are many unknowns for you both at this time. Your student is moving from adolescence to adulthood, and this will be a challenging time for both of you. Some of your hopes and dreams may go unrealized, and others may be surpassed. The challenges your student will face will help broaden his/her world of experience. Meeting these challenges will be his/her “job” for the next few years.

This website describes some of the changes you can expect your student to face in the next few years. Your son or daughter will probably think, feel, and act differently as growth and change occur. He/She will seek to become more independent, autonomous, and competent. Your college student will probably not do everything you desire, or in the way you prefer. He/She may not make choices in the most efficient manner, or in a way that you totally understand, but with encouragement and support, most students make it through the process successfully. These web pages hold information you may find useful as you go through this process with your college student.

Housing and Residence Life at The University of Central Arkansas is dedicated to making not only the experience of our students the best it can be, but also that of the parents. Our staff is dedicated to assisting students and parents with problems, concerns or just answering questions.

Parent Partnership Statement
The Department of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Central Arkansas considers the parents of our students as partners in the development of the student during their residential experience. The University of Central Arkansas is committed to the intellectual, social, and personal development of its students. As partners, we can work together to help students develop problem-solving skills to aid them in their journey to becoming responsible and autonomous adults.