Parent FAQ

Q: If my son/daughter leaves the residence hall before the end of the academic year, will we get the room and board money and Housing deposit back?
The Housing Lease is for the entire academic year. Students leaving University Housing prior to the end of the academic year will receive a prorated refund on their room and board payment. The Housing deposit, however, will be forfeited and the student will be charged the lease buy-out fee.

Q: How is the residence hall room furnished and what is the room size?
Each room comes furnished with a chest of drawers, bed with mattress, desk and chair, mini blinds, sink, cable television jack, computer jack, mirror, and counter/ storage space.

The dimensions are:
Arkansas Hall: 13’6’ W by 12’6’ L
Baridon Hall: 11’6 W by 12’6’ L
Bernard Hall: 13’4 W by 18’6’ L
Carmichael Hall: 12’6’ W by 15’ L
Conway Hall: 12’6’ W by 15’ L
Denney Hall: 11.8′ W x 16.9′ L
Farris Hall: See site for info
Hughes Hall: 12’6’ W by 13’9’ L
New Hall: 9.4′ W x 12′ L
Short Hall: 11.6 W x 17′ L
State Hall: 12’6’ W by 13’9’ L

Q: How are the apartments furnished and what is the bed room size?
Each apartment comes furnished with a love seat and chair in the living room, a dining set or bar stools in the kitchen/dining area, cable jack in the living room, and internet access in each bedroom. Each bedroom comes with a chest of drawers, bed with mattress, desk and chair. Each window comes with mini blinds.

Q: What should students do in case of an emergency illness or injury?
If a student becomes ill or injured, and is in need of immediate attention, the Residence Coordinator or RA on duty should be notified. The staff member will contact Student Health Service during daytime hours. In extreme emergencies, students should dial 911 and ask for an ambulance.

Q: May students have a refrigerator or microwave in their residence hall rooms?
Students may have a micro-fridge combination (ordered through Collegiate Concept – see below) or refrigerator in their rooms, but appliances may not exceed 3.8 cubic feed or 1.5 amps. For information on renting a micro-fridge, call 1.888. 929.0806 (micro-fridge). Rental prices vary from year to year.

Q: Where can my student do laundry?
Each residence hall/Apartment Complex is equipped with free laundry facilities. Apartments at UCA usually have washer and Dryer in each unit except for Stadium park where Laundry Facilities are provided within the complex.

Q: When are room and board payments due, and how much are they?
Students may make full room and board payments at the beginning of the semester or they may opt to pay by installments. Installments are due the 15th of each month.  See Student Accounts for more details on the payment plans.

Q: What if my student loses his/her room key or locks his/herself out of his/her room/apartment?
Students who lose their room key should immediately report the loss to their RA or the RA on duty. The room will be re-cored within 24 hours at a cost of $50- $70 to the student. If a student has misplaced the key and knows where it is located, a third key to the room can be issued on a temporary basis. If a student is locked out of his/her room, the RA can open the room at a charge of $3 per lockout.

Q: May my son/daughter have a car on campus?
All students, regardless of class status (i.e., freshman, sophomore, etc.) are allowed to have a car on campus. Students must obtain a student parking permit from the Police Department Parking & Traffic Services office and display it on their vehicle in order to avoid a citation or impoundment..  The cost for student parking permits is included in the security & access fee assessed for each academic term.

Q: Where do students get their mail?
All students who live in University Housing are required to rent a campus post office box. Students are assigned post office boxes, which are located in the Student Center and cost $5.00 a semester. Students may purchase stamps and mail letters and packages at the Student Center post office. You may also send packages to your student at this box, but these must be claimed within 10 days or they will be returned to the sender.

Q: If there is a maintenance problem, whom should my student notify?
Students who need maintenance service should contact their RA or Residence Coordinator. The RA or Residence Coordinator will call out a maintenance request and submit it to the Physical Plant within 24 hours. You can expect a Housing or University maintenance worker to respond to your student’s request within one to seven days, depending on the severity of the problem and the workload of the maintenance staff.

Q: What can my student NOT bring to school?
The following list contains items that are not allowed on campus, this list is not all inclusive and students should refer to the University Student handbook for a complete of list of items that are not allowed on campus.

Open element appliances, microwave ovens, sun lamps, air conditioners, outside antennae/satellite dishes, potpourri pots, halogen lamps, outdoor grills, space heaters, explosives, fireworks,firearms, alcohol, lofts, pets other than a fish, weapons, etc.