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Scholars Contract Courses

When the core courses being offered in the University Scholars Program do not satisfy the requirements that an individual student needs, the student has the option to set up a contract course with a faculty member in a different academic area. Examples of projects undertaken in contract courses include the following:

  • Using the WHO COVID-19 database to design a student lab activity for General Ecology.
  • Teaching a class meeting of an upper division Exercise Science class.
  • A research project into the impact of Young Adult fiction on incarcerated youth.
  • An evaluation of the UCA library’s children’s selection of social studies related holdings; researching and compiling a list of suggested book purchases to enhance the library’s current collection.
  • Writing a review article related to the U.S. Supreme Court case, Digital Realty Trust, Inc. v. Somers. 
  • A research paper on how the online environment is affecting Asian religions, particularly Buddhism.
  • An engineering and ethical analysis of Miami pedestrian bridge collapse in 2018.
  • A computer science project on the design and implementation of a hardware accelerator for feature extraction. This project led to a paper submission.
  • A research project investigating how communication styles affect intimacy and communication in relationships.
  • Creation of a business plan.
  • Development of an interdisciplinary course in psychology.