Honors in the Major Form

Honors in the Major

Completed as part of the Honors in the Major candidate process.
  • Note: If your Id # begins with the letter B, replace that character with a zero (0).
  • Note: Please submit one instance of this form for each major that you are pursuing Honors in the Major recognition for. Please see the Dean of Exemplary Studies if you are in a dual Honors in the Major situation, or if there are issues with the majors listed below.
  • Title of your thesis as it would appear on the cover page.
  • Please use the commencement date for the semester during which you plan to graduate, as listed on the Registrar's website (https://uca.edu/registrar/academic-calendar/)
    By ticking this box, you, the student, are confirming that the information on this form is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that this checkbox, along with the submission date of this form, act as your signature.