Undergraduate Programs

The History Department offers 3 baccalaureate degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) history  major; the Bachelor of Science (BS) history major; the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) in Social Studies, History Emphasis; and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in African and African-American Studies. In addition we offer an interdisciplinary minor in Southern Arkansas studies.



Looking for the graduate program?

The Undergraduate Scholars Program in History

In the junior or senior year, students who are history or social studies majors may be invited to participate in the undergraduate scholars program. Requirements for graduation with honors are as follows:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25 and a 3.50 grade point average in the major
  2. Successful completion of HIST 3388 Tutorial Studies in American History or HIST 3389 Tutorial Studies in World History
  3. Submission and approval of an Honors Thesis

For more information, see Dr. Lucas in Irby 105.