Bachelor Of Science Degree in Health Sciences – Health Services Administration Emphasis

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Health Services Administration prepares the graduate for employment in the Health Care Service industry in an administrative capacity.

Among the potential places of employment are:

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Medical Group Practices
  • Homes for the Aging Population
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Emergency Care Center
  • Physician, Dentist and Other Health Care Providers’ Offices


Health Science Core (9 hours)

BIO       4311      Pathophysiology

BIO       4351      General Pharmacology

HSC      4600      Health Sciences Internship

Related Requirements (43 hours)

HED      2201      First Aid

HED      4370      Administration of Health Programs

HED      4301      Health Education in a Medical Care Setting

BIO      12 hours including at least 4 hrs. of Anatomy & Physiology

CHEM  1402/1403     Physiological Chem. I & II;  OR

1450/1451     College Chemistry I & II  (8 hours)

PHYS   1410/1420     College Physics I & II  (8 hours)

HSCI     3123      Medical Terminology

PSYC    1300      General Psychology

Statistics     (Choose one of the following 3 hour courses)

PSYC    2330     Statistics

MATH   2311    Statistical Methods I

SOC      2321     Social Statistics

BUS      2330      Business Statistics


Health Services Administration Emphasis (27 hours)

MIS       2343      Information Processing & Analysis

ECON   2320      Principle of Macroeconomics

ECON   2321      Principle of Microeconomics

ACCT    2310      Principles of Accounting I

ACCT    2311      Principles of Accounting II

FIN        3330      Managing Finance & Capital

MKTG   3350      Principles of Marketing

MGMT   3340      Managing People and Work

Health Sciences Electives (9 hours)

HED      3300      Methods & Materials

HED      3305      Human Sexuality

HED      4300      Community Health Problems

HED      4303      Environmental Health Problems

HED      4312      Drug Education

HED      4331      Program Plan. & Evaluation

HED      4343      Health Strat for Multicul. Pop.

HED      4370      Administration of Health Programs

HED      4395      Contemporary Health Concerns for Women.

HSCI     4305     Tech. Applied to Health Sciences

124 hours, including 40 hours of upper division, are required to complete the Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences, emphasis in Health Services Administration degree.