Letters of Invitation/Obtaining a U. S. B1/B2 Tourist/Business Visa

During your time at UCA, there may be times when you would like family or friends to visit you from home. To enter the United States, they will need a B1/B2 if they are a citizen of a country that requires a visa for entry (Visa Waiver Program).  A sample invitation letter is available at the link provided below.  This letter can be used by students who wish to have family or friends attend graduation ceremonies or with a few changes, other types of visits. Make sure along with the letter that you have a copy of your enrollment verification with your course enrollment details.

Sample Invitation Letter

U.S. Department of State officials have instructed U.S. universities not to issue letters of invitation to students’ family members or friends. Officials of the Department indicated that this type of letter is not considered or required at the visa interview.  Applicants can request a visa interview online. See the U.S. Consulate website for your country.