Fine Arts & Communication


The College of Fine Arts & Communication is known for its preparation of the next generation of:

  • artists
  • educators
  • communicators

To share its artistic achievements and communication expertise with the general public, the College uses venues such as:

  • broadcasts
  • conferences
  • exhibits
  • live performances
  • publications
  • readings
  • recitals
  • screenings

To accomplish this mission, the college:

  • Creates a learning community that is dedicated to the artistic, communicative, and personal development of the individual and that prizes the artist’s voice and vision.
  • Delivers curricula that blend the best of past knowledge with the most provocative of current theory in order to prepare students to contribute to the development of the arts, media and education.
  • Maintains a quality faculty that demonstrates excellence both in the classroom and in creative/scholarly pursuits.
  • Provides optimal facilities and resources to support a dynamic learning environment.
  • Presents–as an extension of its teaching mission–public performances, educational initiatives, and special programs that address the cultural and education needs of all Arkansans.