Master of GIS Degree (This is an online degree)

The Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) degree is modeled after the online Executive MBA programs. Students who enroll in the degree will ideally have had previous GIS coursework (having taken at least one GIS course at the undergraduate or graduate level) or be currently employed in a position which requires the use of GIS or GIS-based information services (i.e., either a GIS professional seeking greater training or someone who must manage GIS workers or who needs information from a GIS to perform his/her job).

Minimum Admission Requirements

To enroll in the Master of GIS degree program, students must meet the requirements to be admitted into UCA’s Graduate School as outlined in the Graduate Bulletin HERE, including: 1) a bachelor’s degree, 2) a GPA of 3.0, and 3) each student must have successfully completed at least one college-level GIS course or be currently employed in an agency/business where GIS is frequently used by the student. Exceptions to #3 will be considered upon appeal to the Graduate School and Department.

Information on General Requirements for Graduate Study, Grades and Quality Points, etc.

Degree Options

The Master of GIS degree has two options, a thesis option and a non-thesis option. Important  information regarding timelines and required courses are provided below for both options.


The 30-hour, Master of GIS degree is configured as outlined below:

Required Courses (24 hours) plus 6 hours of 6V90 Thesis (Click HERE for course descriptions)



Check Sheet

The 30-hour, Master of GIS degree is configured as outlined below:

Required Courses (30 hours) (Click HERE for course descriptions)


Future Courses

Spring 2015 – Geog 5345, 5340, 6328, 63/685, 61/2/390

Summer 2015 – Geog 5315, 6360, 63/685, 6390

Fall 2015 – Geog 5310, 5340, 6380, 6V85,6V90

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer up to two courses (six credit hours) from other departments into the degree as long as they represent a coherent sequence and/or are relevant to the student’s professional interest in GIS. All transfer courses must be approved by Dr. Stephen O’Connell, Interim Chair of the Department.

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