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Michael Gunter, MFA

Associate Professor of Film, FTCW Department Coordinator

Stanley Russ Hall 202C

Teaching Specialties:

Film and Video Production, Cinematography, Editing

Degree Info:

M.F.A. – Digital Filmmaking (2008)

University of Central Arkansas

M.A. – Film Studies (1998)

The University of Kansas

B.S. – Electronic Media (1985)

Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University)

Mike is a Director of Photography, Editor, and Writer. He has worked on a variety of film and video projects and is currently a lecturer teaching Digital Filmmaking in the Department of Mass Communication and Theatre at the University of Central Arkansas. Mike also serves as the Facilities Manager for Stanley Russ Hall, supervising the classrooms, production studios, editing labs, and equipment checkout room.

Prior to coming to UCA Mike was the Director of Production for the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab (DAEL) in the Mass Communication Department at Georgia State University. He also served as the Technical and Facilities Manager for Oldfather Studios in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Kansas.

Mike’s courses have included Cinematography, Digital Filmmaking I, Digital Video Production, Filmmaking I, Filmmaking II, Post Production, and both Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Video and Film Production classes.


Memories of Viola.  (HDV, Color, 25 min.)  Writer, Director and Editor. 2008. Short narrative

about a woman coming to terms with a tragic loss.

April 2008 – University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR

The Cleaner.  (MiniDV, Color, 3 min.) Writer, Director and Editor. 2007. Short narrative about a custodian and an unexpected mess that he encounters.

August 2008 – University Film and Video Association, Colorado Springs, CO

– Finalist, Faculty Juried Screening

March 2008 – Ozark Foothills Film Festival, Batesville, AR

October 2007 – Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis, TN

May 2007 – Little Rock Film Festival, Little Rock, AR

The Old Gray Lady.  (MiniDV, Color and Black & White, 90 min.)  Kevin Clark, dir., 2006. Director of Photography. Documentary about the Arkansas Gazette newspaper.

October 2007 – Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs, AR

August 2007 – University Film and Video Association Conference, University of North, TX

May 2007 – Little Rock Film Festival

April 2007 – AETN (Arkansas PBS affiliate)

March 2007 – Ozark Foothills Film Festival, Batesville, AR

October 2006 – Reynolds Performing Arts Center, UCA, Conway, AR

October 2006 – World Premiere, The Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, AR

Disparate Housewenches.  (MiniDV, Color, 7 min.)  James Danek, dir., 2005. Director of Photography, Editor, Co-Writer. Short film produced as part of the 48-Hour Film Project

June 2005 – The 48-Hour Film Project, St. Louis, MO

FMA Physicians Advantage.  (MiniDV, Color, 30 min.) 2005. Co-Director and Co-Producer (with Scott Meador), Editor. Promotional video for the Florida Medical Association.

Post-Polio Waterwork. (MiniDV, Color, 30 min.)  Co-Director and Co-Producer (with Scott Meador), Editor. A water exercise instructional video for post-polio patients.

Abbey and Everything After.  (MiniDV, Color, 25 min.) Bruce Hutchinson, dir., 2005. Director of Photography, Co-Executive Producer.

August 2006 – University Film and Video Association Conference, Chapman University,

Orange, CA

C.S.A. (Confederate States of America). (DV, 16mm, 35mm, Color, 90 min.)  Kevin Willmott, dir., 2003. Additional 2nd Unit Photography.  IFC Films. Spike Lee, Executive Producer. A satirical faux-documentary that explores America in the year 2000 by posing the question, “What if the South had won the Civil War?”

October 2005 – American Theatrical Release

March 2005 – Malaga Film Festival, Malaga, Spain

–  Winner – Audience Award

January 2004 – Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah (World Premiere)

August 2002 – University Film and Video Association Conference, Ithaca College

Privilege.  (16mm, B&W, 4 min.)  Ben Meade, dir., 2000.  Lighting, Camera Operator.  A satirical look at domestic violence.

April 2001 – The International New York Independent Film Festival, New York, NY

March 2001 – Maygar Laterna Film Festival, Pecs, Hungary

October 2000 – Deep Ellum Film Festival, Dallas, TX

September 2000 – Harvest of Arts Festival, Lawrence, KS

April 2000 – Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee, Kansas City, MO

–  1st Place – Experimental Film

BRAVO Service Award – Presented by BRAVO/IFC and the KAN Film Festival

June 1999 – KAN Film Festival, Lawrence, KS

Carrot Wars.  (DV, Color, 15 min.)  Alyssa Buecker, dir., Technical Advisor.  1999. Short narrative by Alyssa Buecker, a 15-year-old filmmaker from Lawrence, Kansas, whose work has been featured on HBO, Nickelodeon and Animal Planet.  Produced for HBO’s Family Channel.

Lawrence: Free State Fortress. (16mm/Beta SP, Color, 30 min.) Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Editor. 1997. Docu-Drama on the history of Lawrence, Kansas produced for the Lawrence Visitors Center.

June 1998 – KAN Film Festival, Lawrence, KS

–  Best Film – Open Division

–  1st Place – Open Division, Documentary

–  1st Place – College Division, Documentary

Distinguished Service Award

May 1998 – Presented by the Department of Theatre and Film, University of Kansas

The Guinea Pig Trilogy: Hazel The Guinea Pig; The Christmas Caper; Guinea Pigs from Mars.  (VHS, Hi8mm, Color, 15-20 min.) Technical Advisor. 1995-1997. Short narrative films by Alyssa Buecker, a young student filmmaker from Lawrence, Kansas that were featured on HBO’s Family Channel.

Emily’s Ghost. (16mm, B&W, Sound, 90 min.)  Technical Consultant, Actor. 1997. Independent Feature produced in Lawrence, Kansas.

tomorrow, Wendy. (16mm, Color, 4 min.) Director, Cinematographer and Editor. 1996. Music Video.

June 1996 – KAN Film Festival, Kansas City, MO

– Finalist, College Music Video

Ron Hinton: A Profile in Bronze. (VHS, Color, Sound, 15 min.)  Director, Producer, Editor and Videographer. 1995. Documentary of a local artist for the Spencer Art Museum, University of Kansas.

June 1995 – KAN Film Festival, Lawrence, KS

–  2nd Place – College Division, Documentary

Mute.  (16mm, Color, Sound, 4 min.)  Director, Producer, Writer, Editor.  1995 Student Film.  Short Narrative.

June 1995 – KAN Film Festival, Lawrence, KS

– Finalist, College Comedy/Drama

The Anniversary. (16mm, B&W, Silent, 4 min.) Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer. 1994 Student Film. Short Narrative.

June 1994 – KAN Film Festival, Lawrence, KS

–  3rd Place – College Division, Comedy/Drama

Odd Williams Scholarship

May 1994 – Presented by the Department of Theatre and Film, University of Kansas

Tumbling After. (16mm, Color, Sound, 90 min.) Darrin Lyle, dir. First Assistant Camera. 1994. Independent Feature produced in Lawrence, Kansas.


“Heaven Can Wait.”; “Here Comes Mr. Jordan.”; and “Noises Off.”

Video Versions: Film Adaptations of Plays on Video. Ed. Thomas Erskine and James M. Welsh. Westport, CT: Greewood Press, 2000.

Thesis Title:  3-D Technology and Motion Picture Exhibition from the 1950s to the Present as a Response to the Demands of Realism, 1998