CCSMI Overview

The Center for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (CCSMI) is an independent organization of scholars, international in scope, attached to the Department of Mass Communication and Theatre at the University of Central Arkansas.  The Center staff searches the literature of several disciplines for research findings that might have bearing upon issues relevant to film, video and computer generated images.  CCSMI conducts workshops and symposia which facilitate and promote discussion of problems associated with moving images in the context of the findings and theoretical constructs of cognitive science, as well as related issues in art theory, philosophy, literary theory, and perceptual and cognitive psychology.  It also carries out research specifically focused upon problems related to moving images, and serves as a clearinghouse for information gained from the above activities.


This site contains information about the history of the organization and past symposia and conferences.

For current information, please check the new SCSMI web site: