Abigail Speights

Hello! My name is Abigail Speights, and I am an English major with an Art minor. My favorite literary style is Romanticism, and my favorite Art period is High renaissance. I actually started my college career as a pre-medical Biology major and declared an English major during the Fall 2017 semester after taking Dr Coleman’s Medieval Literature course! My love for English pushed me to later serve UCA’s Scroll Yearbook team as the Copy Editor. I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority in Fall 2018, and served as Junior Class Representative for the Student Government Association for Fall 2019 to Spring 2020. During the summer of 2020, I was the intern for the English Department! During this time, I worked to update the website, put together graphics, and overall create a more inviting and inclusive online environment for both student and faculty. After college, I hope to write and illustrate books for children with dyslexia.