Internship II

Internship II is the capstone experience for all undergraduate Teacher Education programs. Candidates spend each day of the semester in a public school classroom under the guidance of a practicing teacher, who serves as a mentor for the candidate. The Internship II experience provides opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in all the TESS domains.

All teacher education candidates are asked to attend an informational meeting with the Coordinator of Internship II early in their senior year to prepare for the final internship. The meeting date is posted in all classroom buildings and is announced in several publications. However, the responsibility for finding out the date and time of the meeting falls upon candidates themselves. Candidates may call the Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education (formerly Department of Early Childhood and Special Education) in the College of Education early in the first semester of the senior year to find out the date of the meeting. Students should direct questions concerning preparation for the internships to the following personnel:

ELSE Field Coordinator  —–  Patti Hunter (

Application to Internship II

Fall Internship II Applicants

The application to Internship II is in electronic format and can be accessed by clicking on the link below. The due date for completing this application is March 8th.

Spring Internship II Applicants

The application to Internship II is in electronic format and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  The due date for completing this application is October 5th.

Internship II Application

Career Services Documents for Internship II Applicants

Please be aware that the Internship II Application that is linked above will request that you download, fill out, sign, and upload these two Career Services documents: Mini-Resume and Career Services Placement Credential Form.  It is a good idea to have these two Career Services documents, a photo of yourself, and the Personal Narrative (see section below) ready to be uploaded before you begin the application.  You will submit these documents within the Internship II Application. The Mini-Resume and Career Services Placement Credential Form MUST be downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader to be able to sign the forms digitally.

Career Services Placement Credential Form

Personal Narrative for Internship II Applicants

Internship II applicants will also need to write a Personal Narrative and submit it within the Internship II Application.  The personal narratives will be sent to our partner schools.  The principal and potential mentor teacher will read the narrative to help make a decision about whether or not they would like to accept the intern in their school.  Applicants should follow this example of a personal narrative as a model for how one should be written and formatted: Personal Narrative.  It is imperative that the personal narrative has well-written content and is free of any grammatical and structural errors.  Internship II applicants should get someone to proofread it and/or utilize the UCA Writing Center for extra support in constructing the personal narrative.

Deadlines will be strictly enforced for completing all application materials.

Background Checks

OCS Background Checks Information

Arrangements for Placements

The departmental Coordinator of Field Experience will make the necessary arrangements for internship placements. Candidates are not to contact the school personally about an assignment as all arrangements must be made by the Coordinator of Internship II. The personal narrative will be mailed to the superintendent or designee of that school district. After consulting with the principal and the mentor teacher, the district may accept or reject the request. If accepted, the district will return a letter to Candidate Services confirming placement with the name of the mentor teacher.


Candidates should register for Internship II using the UCA Registration System. The course numbers for registration appear in the schedule of classes. Departments have discipline-specific internship courses. Candidates should consult their advisors about the appropriate course designation.

Course / Grade Requirements

All requirements for Admission to Level II of the program must be met before candidates can enroll in Internship II. (See Admission document on the Policies page).


In addition to the informational meeting in the semester prior to Internship II, candidates will be required to attend an orientation at the beginning of the Internship II semester. Dates for this meeting and other important events will be provided.


Chalk and Wire

For assistance with Chalk and Wire, please contact the Technology Learning Center at or 501.450.3400.

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