Advising Assignments


Advising Assignments

Faculty                                                                                                          Last Digit of ID


Atkins                                                                                                              All Initial Transfers/Initial chang of major students

Herrington                                                                                                     Transfers (after initial appt. with Dr. Atkins)              

Barrington                                                                                                      Transfers (after initial appt. with Dr. Atkins) _____

Cooper                                                                                                              0___________ _________

Greenland                                                                                                       1, 2 ____________________

Cain                                                                                                                   3____________________

Oslick                                                                                                                4_____              _________  

Filer                                                                                                                    5____________________

Crow                                                                                                                  6____________________

Feng                                                                                                                   7____________________

Pearson                                                                                                             8______________ _____

C. Barnes                                                                                                           9___________________


Atkins                                                                                                                   ASTL, Instructional Facilitator, GT Endorsement

C. Barnes                                                                                                           ASTL-Early Childhood_____

Feng                                                                                                                    Reading________________

Kohler-Evans                                                                                                     Special Education________

*Advisors should be accessible to candidates a week prior to pre-registration through the pre-registration period.  Advisors are responsible for posting and scheduling advising appointments.