Black Male Achievement Challenge (BMAC)

 It’s not just an organization… IT’S A MOVEMENT!

2021 BMAC Gentlemen's Brunch

The Black Male Achievement Challenge (BMAC) is a program created by black men for men of color. The overall purpose of this initiative is to increase the academic success of men of color at UCA and to enhance the collegiate experience of male students of color on-campus through education, engagement and enrichment.

How do you get involved with BMAC? It’s easy…

Participation is voluntary, and there is no selection process because no matter who you are or where you are from, we want to help you!

Our goal is to get as many men as possible signed-up for BMAC and have a positive impact on men of color at UCA. BMAC

 From the pool of upperclassmen that sign-up for the program, a team of Peer Deans will be selected to serve as ambassadors of the program, and will help conceptualize and execute the efforts of the Black Male Achievement Challenge program.