Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program

The Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program was created to support diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity (DBIE) at UCA.

Funding Amount: Awards are typically up to $250 for faculty, students, and departmental applicants. RSOs may apply for up to $100. No funds are paid to individuals, and we are unable to reimburse purchases made with personal funds.

Types of Activities Normally Funded:

1. DBIE-Focused Activities

  • Presenting a DBIE-related paper, book, creative work, etc. at a conference or event
  • Attending DBIE-related presentations or professional development events
  • Leading a group of students to a DBIE-focused summit or workshop
  • DBIE programming (on or off campus)

2. Activities by students, faculty, staff, and RSOs who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)

  • Scholarly, professional, or creative work that enhances UCA’s mission and core values
  • Membership in an association that enhances UCA’s diversity statement

Previously Funded Grants

Documentation Requested:

Please create a SINGLE FILE that includes the following pieces of information in this order:

1. Summary of Activity (Written by applicant)

2. For what activity are you seeking funding?

3. How will it enhance DBIE at UCA?

4. Letter of support (Only required for students, diversity programming, and RSO activities)

  • Student Scholarship – letter from the faculty member supervising the student’s scholarly or creative activity
  • Diversity Programming – letter from the respective department head
  • RSOs – letter from the faculty or staff advisor

5. Details about Activity (Include any of these necessary to support your application)

  • Acceptance of scholarly or creative work to conference
  • Agenda, program, or conference information
  • Explanation of equipment or supplies needed

6. Documentation of expenses (Need only to show that expenses equal or exceed requested grant amount)

  • Registration, transport, lodging, per diem
  • Vendor invoice, itemized receipt, or product listing from retail site
  • Include either (1) proof of expenses already paid or (2) documentation of expected expenses (whichever is applicable at the grant deadline)
  • All grants are funded as reimbursements.


  • September 15
  • February 15
  • April 15

Application Review: A sub-committee of the Diversity Advisory Committee representing faculty, staff, and students will convene to review applications after each deadline. Applications will be evaluated on the type of activity proposed as well as the extent to which the activity will enhance DBIE at UCA. Applicants will be notified within one month of the deadline as to whether their application was selected for funding.

Reimbursement: Upon completion of the activity for which a grant is received, reimbursement documentation should be submitted to The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. Funds will be transferred to the appropriate departmental account in line with university accounting policies. RSOs must have an agency account or collaborate with a UCA department. Student grant recipients must be associated with a department for reimbursement. No funds are paid to individuals.

Reimbursement documentation is due by the end of the semester in which the grant is awarded for fall and spring awards. Summer awards must be documented by June 1, unless special arrangements are made.

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