Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Award

I. Description of Award

This award recognizes individuals whose commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence on campus and/or off campus has made a significant impact on various underserved groups in a positive way. These individuals have improved conditions at UCA and within the community that have enhanced society.

Previous Recipients

II. Number of Awards

The University offers one award annually in this category.

III. Eligibility

Recipients of this award are not eligible to receive the same award again for a minimum of ten (10) years. Nominees who are not recipients of this award may be nominated for it in consecutive years.

IV. Nomination Criteria

Faculty, staff, and administrators are eligible for nomination as follows:

  • Current UCA employees with at least three (3) years of UCA employment

V. Selection Committee

A sub-committee of the Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) will evaluate nominations for this award. This sub-committee consists of five (5) members, selected or elected, as follows who will serve no more than two (2) years, with the exception of the DAC administrative representative:

  • 1 DAC student representative
  • 1 DAC faculty representative
  • 1 DAC staff representative
  • 1 Previous year’s award recipient
  • 1 DAC administrative representative

VI. Procedures

To expedite and coordinate the award procedure, the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Diversity or designee will provide administrative support to verify the nominees’ UCA affiliations, and coordinate publicity for award recipients. The UCA President will present the award.

A. Soliciting Nominations

The University community will be notified about the award process and nominating procedure (Appendix A) through email and/or fliers sent to students and student organizations, faculty, staff, and administrators. When possible, the due date for nominations will be no later than one month before the Service Award ceremony. Nominators will be requested to justify their nominations, but the nomination process should not be so demanding as to discourage nominations. The nominations will be sent to the chair of the award committee.

B. Soliciting Portfolios from Nominees

The committee chair will contact nominees and request that they submit portfolios as outlined in Appendix B. Portfolios must be submitted to the committee chair by the designated date.

C. Evaluation of Portfolios

The award committee will evaluate portfolios according to the criteria listed in Appendix C. The committee members are encouraged to seek external expertise when appropriate. The award committee, subject to approval by the Diversity Advisory Committee, may modify the criteria in Appendix C. The proceedings of the committee and the choice of recipients will be confidential. The committee will select up to four finalists and will choose the award recipient from the finalists. The finalists will be selected without regard to Department, College, or Division. Two or more finalists may come from the same Department, College, or Division. The award committee will submit the names of finalists and summaries of their accomplishments/ qualifications to the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Diversity. The summaries for all finalists will be printed in the program of the annual Service Awards ceremony.

D. Announcement of Award Finalists and Recipient

Award finalists and the recipient are announced at the annual UCA Service Award ceremony by the UCA President. The Office of the Vice President of Institutional Diversity will be responsible for ensuring that award finalists and recipient are suitably recognized.

Appendix A. Nomination Packets

Individuals nominating faculty, staff, and administrators for this award should supply the following information:

  1. Name of nominee
  2. Email address of nominee
  3. Identification of nominee as faculty, staff, or administrator
  4. Brief statement describing merits of the nominee
  5. Name of nominator
  6. Email address of nominator
  7. Identification of nominator as student, faculty, staff, or administrator

Appendix B. Applicant Portfolios

The committee chair will notify faculty, staff, and administrators who have been nominated and will request that they submit portfolios in support of their nominations. The materials listed below will be requested. The award committee may modify this list, subject to the approval of the Diversity Advisory Committee.

  1. Current vitae or résumé
  2. List of diversity activities
  3. Statement summarizing philosophy and commitment to diversity activities. This statement should discuss the nominee’s commitment to the significance of diversity and inclusive excellence on and/or off campus. Statement is limited to 1,000 words.
  4. Three (3) letters of reference solicited by the nominee that provide evidence that the commitment to diversity has had a significant impact on individuals/communities/ organizations on and/or off campus. Contact information for each of the three references should be included.

Appendix C. Selection Criteria

The committee will be evaluating the nominee’s sustained service to on-campus and/or off-campus communities and the effect on the UCA campus. The primary consideration for the committee will be the impact and quality of improved conditions within the community that have enhanced society.

Nomination Form