DRC Brochure

About the DRC

Welcome to the Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The Disability Resource Center(DRC) at the University of Central Arkansas offers a variety of services for students with documented disabilities, including learning disabilities, deaf/hard of hearing, blind/low vision, mobility limitations, attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), psychiatric disorders, and medical disabilities.

We invite and encourage prospective students, enrolled students, and service members to learn more about our services by going to our website at: http://www.uca.edu/disability, or calling our office (501-450-3613) to make an appointment with a disability specialist.

Getting Started

Meet with a disability specialist.

To self-identify as a student with a disability means that you are the person to disclose to the DRC office that you have a disability and that you require services.

The decision whether to self-identify is a very personal one. Individuals with disabilities are welcome to discuss their concerns with DRC staff. A decision to self-identify is understood and respected.

After you have been accepted to UCA. you are urged to contact the DRC office as soon as possible. Identification of needs can help to ensure that arrangements and accommodations can be made before your arrival. The more time the DRC staff has to make these arrangements, the easier the transition to UCA will be.

DRC Registration

STEP 1:  Register Online at uca.edu/disability and upload documentation.

STEP 2:  Make an appointment with a DRC staff member by calling 501-450-3613.

STEP 3:  Meet with a disability support specialist.
If you have documentation of your disability, bring it with you. If you
did not upload documentation bring it to your appointment. If you do not have documentation on the date of your appointment, please bring or send to the office as soon as possible.

STEP 4:  You are officially registered with the UCA Disability Resource Center
when: You have submitted appropriate documentation of disability, you have completed online registration, and you have discussed appropriate accommodations & services with a disability support specialist. You have received accommodation approval from the DRC staff member.

STEP 5:  Once approved you will wait for your approval to be proccessed. Average processing time is 1-2 business days. You will do your accommodation requests online at mydrc by going to uca.edu/disability. DRC will email your letters to instructors.

STEP 6:   Visit with your instructors during office hours (as listed within his or
her course syllabus).  Discuss any additional disability/accommodation  related concerns at this

Documentation Criteria

In order to receive services from the DRC, your file must contain documentation of your disability. The records kept in our office are confidential and are not part of your academic record. In general, documentation should include:

1.  Specific diagnosis and description of the disability,   including an indication
of   the duration of the disability.

2.  Names of any standardized tests that were given to determine the disability

3.  Description of any treatment related to your disability.

4.  Description of the probable impact of the disability in a university setting.

5.  For the diagnosis of a specific learning disability, objective evidence of a

substantial limitation to learning must be provided. At a minimum, the

evaluation must address aptitude, achievement and information processing.

6.  The documentation must be written on the professional’s official stationary.

Information provided by the professional will be considered when making

decisions about the student’s request. Final accommodation decision rests
with the university

Reasonable accommodations are provided modifications which make a facility or program accessible, allowing a qualified individual with a disability equal opportunities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires reasonable accommodations as away to overcome barriers that limit opportunities for otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.


Accommodation Letters Assistive/Adaptive Technology
Sign Language Interpreting Services
Note-taking Assistance
Advance Registration
Alternative Media
Faculty/Staff Consultation
Counseling/Advocacy Services
Lab/Library Assistance
Exam Accommodations

Additional services are available. Please visit or call the DRC for information.

Accessible Parking

In order to use UCA accessible parking spaces, you must have a permit. Please presents Disabled Persons Access to Parking form issued by the state of Arkansas, to the UCA Police Department. The location of the University Police and accessible parking spaces are indicated within this brochure.

Due to the growth of our campus, new accessible parking areas are currently being added. In order to obtain the latest information on accessible parking, contact the University Police Department at: (501) 450-3111.

DRC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Can I take my exams in the DSS office?

A:   Yes If your accommodations include distraction reduced testing and/or extended time, you may be able to take your exams in the DRC. Contact the DRC at least one week prior to the exam date to reserve an exam room. The DRC will return your finished exam to the instructor

Q:   I plan to live on campus this semester. Can the DRC assist me with getting accommodations in my residence hall?

A:   Yes if you are approved for residence hall accommodations, the DRC and Housing staff can coordinate services to meet your needs.

Q:   Should I include information about my disability with my UCA admission application?

A:   Questions concerning your disability are not included within the UCA admission application. Such questions are against Federal Law. UCA admissions policies are the same for all students, regardless of disability status. It is your decision whether or not to disclose details about your disability.

Q:   If I register with the Disability Resource Center, can I get grades changed for college coursework that I attempted before I registered?

A:   Accommodations are authorized only after you are registered with the DRC. There are no retroactive accommodations or services.

Q:   I think I may have a learning disability. Does UCA evaluate students for learning or other disabilities?

A:   No. UCA does not evaluate students for disabilities. Referrals to local professionals who can  administer evaluations for learning, attention, or psychological disabilities can be provided for a student to pursue independently.


For additional information please contact:

UCA Disability Resource Center

201 Donaghey Avenue

Student Health Building 212

Conway, AR 72035

(501) 450-3613 (Voice)

(501) 450-3628 (TTY)

(501) 450-5664 (Fax)

or visit us online at:  www.uca.edu/disability